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  • 제목 A&A Vol.3 No.2. 2019(September) - Shin and Han
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    Being True to Oneself: Sewol Ferry Disaster and Homeland Politics of Korean Immigrants in Britain

    Mijoo Shin and Heejin Han
    London School of Economics・Pukyong National University 


    After the tragic incident of the sinking of Sewol in spring 2014, Korean migrants in Britain began to hold street protests in London. These protestors condemned the Korean government for the lack of appropriate responses to the accident, and for its failure to conduct proper investigation on the issue. The small group of protestors held silent street protests every month at Trafalgar Square, despite not gaining much media coverage nor public attention. These migrants’ almost three-year long protest outside their homeland is puzzling. Not only did they live in Britain for a long time to the extent that they regard the country as their second home, but they also exert scant amount of influence on the political landscape in South Korea. What can then account for these individuals’ participation in activism related to their homeland politics? In this paper, we utilize the concept of ‘moral identity’ to explain the behaviors of Korean migrants involved in the street protests. These migrants had strong ‘moral identity’, which triggered a sense of responsibility to act when their cherished moral values were jeopardized. Korean migrants who possessed a strong sense of moral identity placed huge importance on living in accordance with their moral values. It is a way of upholding their self-esteem and sustaining their ideal self. 


    Social Movement, Migrant Political Participation, Moral Identity, South Korea, Homeland Politics

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