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  • 제목 A&A Vol.4 No.1. 2020(March) - Wang
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    Research on Supervision and its Realization Mechanism in Legal Supervision System

    Jianglian Wang

    China Jiliang University



    The “rule of law” decision of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposes to build a strict supervision system of the rule of law. The reform of the national supervision system launched in 2016 can be described as an important measure to build such a system. The supervision and supervision system has gradually become the core system of the rule of law supervision system. Its full coverage of supervision of public officials is conducive to preventing corruption of public power and achieving the ultimate goal of supervision by the rule of law. The supervision mechanism in the supervision system under the rule of law requires systemic thinking to realize the effective supervision of public officials of the state power organs, as well as the constraints and supervision of other supervision systems, including the supervision of the People’s Congress; Supervision is a full-coverage supervision, and other rules of law supervision systems are also full-coverage supervision systems within their scope of competence. Therefore, gradually exploring and constructing an external supervision system for supervision will be conducive to the optimization and eventual completion of the rule of law supervision system.



    Legal Supervision System, National Organization Law, Supervisory Power, Supervision

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